Thursday, March 8, 2007

Many bug fixes!

Cooper and I fixed a bunch of bugs today after the lunch. The most important fix is that double clicking a .desklet file on Windows will now launch AB5k properly and not do a second launch if one is already running. Everyone please download and try again. We seriously changed the classloader so you'll need to nuke your ~/.ab5k folder before running the new version.

Another change: to properly isolate desklets from eachother they no longer are allowed to use the libraries built into the container. This means that they must include things like swingx.jar themselves. This has greatly increased the size of most desklets (since most of them *do* use swingx.jar). Once we get swingx and the other common jars into a maven repository then we'll change the desklets to use those instead, which will drop the size back down. This will also greatly reduce the download time since maven loaded jars may be shared between desklets.

* make the 'get more desklets' point to instead of
* rebuild and update everything to the website
* made the system look and feel be used
* better looking desktop icon on windows
* fix single/double launch on windows and loading desklets from double click
* fix missing icons on windows
* removed focus rect from big ab5k logo button
* updated most desklets to work properly with the new class resolution

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