Monday, March 12, 2007

Docs, Fixes to IFrames, and Updating Desklets

Fixed internal frames on Windows (and hopefully unix). This means you shouldn't see the title bars anymore on shaped desklets.

First version of self-updating desklets. See the developers group for more details.

Added a progress spinner to the bottom of the dock so that you get some feedback when preloading the standard desklets.

Updated the Weather desklet to grab the current weather from a thread rather than in the init() method. This means it will start up faster and won't hang AB5k if your network is down (say, because you are on a plane :)

Major refactoring of the Main class. Startup and thread is better defined now and should be easier to maintain in the future. (It's amazing what you can do on a two hour flight from Denver to Portland).

Added dock support to the Calendar. Now you will see the date as well as the time in the dock. As it should be.

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